Steve Aspey - Presenter

The Story So Far Began DJing back in 1978, yes 1978! Was inspired by the likes of Soul Mafia DJ's such as Chris Hill, Jeff Young, Chris Brown etc but also local guys, Steve Brieton (sorry if the spelling is wrong) and Bryn at the Night Owl in Cheltenham, Ian Richards, Jerry Hipkiss & Joey Coyne at Eve's & Charles. They all played the best music of the time and being the other side of the (belt drive) decks really appealed to me. Started doing mobiles, moved into clubs after about 2 years and began running soul nights in Oxford. Moved back to Cheltenham and began Soul Mine at Gas in about 1990 with Gerry which ran for approx 8 glorious years. Le Jazz Hot at Cafe Tabac in Chelt was cracking while it lasted plus my many late nights at Slak again in my home town of Chelt. Lovin the freedom I get playing on t'internet, long may it continue.
The Show The Listen Here Radio Show bringing you flavours from far & wide with more than a nod to the left side. And not forgetting what's gone before, I'll be dropping plenty of classic selections throughout. 3 Hot Ones Rufus & Chaka Khan: Ain't nobody - I can still remember the first time I heard this in the record shop and thinking, 'it can't get much better than this'. Airto: Celebration suite - The Brazilian Xmas Party, Brixton Fridge 1995 (probably), I'd never heard this track in a large venue on a big sound system before. It was dropped at midnight and the roof came off! Proper party music. Horace Silver: Song for my father - The first Blue Note record I ever bought, from the long gone Driftin' Records in Cheltenham.
From the very first note you know you are in for a musical treat.

Around the World in 60 minutes
'Exotic & tropical delights from across the globe taking in funk, soul, reggae, jazz, disco, latin, afrobeat, boogie, calypso & more from the many regions & countries of Africa, Central & South America, Europe, Asia & all stops in between'